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Backward caste panel nixed Jat quota earlier

Published: 15th Sep 2013 08:03:30 AM

The UPA Government has decided to grant reservations to Jats in Central Government services and has asked the National Commission for Backward Castes (NCBC) to create a blue print for this.

The NCBC had already assigned the Indian Council for Social Science Research (ICSSR) to study the socio-economic conditions of Jats in Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh, Rajasthan, Gujarat and Haryana. The survey started in August after the Jat Mahasabha in July, which was addressed by Ajit Singh. The deadline for completion was January 2014. Since the results have been delayed, the NCBC is under pressure to expedite the matter. According to the official, with elections a few months away, the government seems to be in a hurry now.

“We had conveyed to the Government that NCBC has no vested interest in the subject and had earlier made recommendations against Jat reservation on the basis of existing data. We also had told the Government that we will take a call once the ICSSR study is finalised. But now the Government wants us to sign on the dotted line,’’ said the official.

According to him, even though the ICSSR has just started its study, the government has already set up a GoM to take a call on the likely recommendation of the NCBC on the issue of Jat reservation. “It is ridiculous to say the least. Why was the GoM, headed by Finance Minister P Chidambaram, set up when the survey is inconclusive and we are yet to analyse it?’’ asked the official.

The PM had set up the GoM towards the end of last month amidst IB reports warning of communal clashes in UP. The other members of the GoM include Home Minister Sushil Kumar Shinde, Social Justice and Empowerment Minister Kumari Selja and Minister of State for Personnel V Narayansamy.

When contacted, a Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment official said that the GoM was set up in haste as the Jat agitators needed to be updated on the ongoing survey.

But he preferred not to answer the question whether a GoM headed by the finance minister is needed to do follow-ups on a routine survey. The answer to the question, in fact, lies with Civil Aviation Minister and RLD leader Ajit Singh. He has apparently threatened to leave the government if it does not take a positive decision on the matter. The RLD would be the biggest loser if Jat votes get segregated on communal lines and has, hence, mooted the idea of blanket reservation. The Jat Arakshan Sangarsh Samiti, a body lobbying for the reservation with Ajit Singh’s support, had recently threatened to launch an agitation in Delhi if their long-standing demand for 27 per cent reservation in the OBC quota is not met.

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Congress government always never interested in any one's welfare at any point of time.Their aim always divide& rule policy & the poor cum downtrodden people always a permanent prey for them.Unfortunately due to their perpetual illiteracy they are unable to understand Congress scheming ways-that ensures the party to win election after elections& those people remain in the same way forever.This will never end unless they understand the truth-till such time no improvements could be expected for them.It is a pity.God save them from them--Congress's clutches?

JATs should have been included in the central list of OBCs much earlier. When other similar communities i.e.YADAV;GUJJARs;SAINIs etc have been given OBC Status why not JATs.......Moreover,NCBC is being headed by OBC persons who would not like to share the benefit with others .

Hindu (body) four community: brahmin (head) kshatriya (arm) vaishya (belly) shudra (feet) All these four communit called as hindu. We all are parts of one body. Without each part our body is not complete. If we lost one part of our body then we become handicap. The human body is the entire structure of a human being. Human Body is considered so loving that God even wants to have it. Spiritual Yogis have found that after going through the 84 millions species this souls get the most dignified human body. So it is the last step to explore the God or to get the view of almighty father god. We know that the soul never dies it takes birth again and again just like as we take new clothes to wear the soul as it takes new body and it is an infinite process. But the body what we get in next birth depend on our karma that thas been cited in Gita by Lord Krishna to Arjuna. We all here to perform our duties. Our action makes our destiny and nothing else. The result is in the hand of supreme power.

Many a time, man has taken birth in high caste and low caste; but this does not make him great or low Having been born in high caste man thinks himself to be great and being born in low caste thinks himself to be low and pitiable; both of these states of mind are wrong because many times man has been born in high and low castes. Hence, one should not be proud of having been born in high caste and not feel low if born in low caste family. Greatness has nothing to do with high caste. Man becomes great because of his noble work, exemplary character and becomes loathsome because of his immorality and evil conduct. Thus, it is his conduct only that decides his greatness or lowliness. Who does not know that high family born Ravana, Kansa, Duryodhana and others are censurable; whereas Metarya muni, Harikeshi muni and others, though born in low family, are venerable. Then, what is the importance of high or low caste?

We always talk about religion and castesim but in reality there is no any caste and religion. We all are same our blood are same.then why we believe in discrimination. God never created any caste they made simple human being..caste and community only created by stupid people who are mentally sick and had fear in their heart bcoz if they will not choose higher place for themselves then other people going to defeat them and going to put them down..bocz they don t have believe on themselves and their own work..they have doubt own their capability..they always think negative we cnt do hard work if other person give their best then they must be achieve something better than creating high and low community and even not asked to any people wh are coward they put themselves to higher community bcoz they are coward and they to protect themselves .

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